Rev. Mary A. Mann PHD | North Hollywood,CA | Author

When you are looking for a good book to really sink your teeth into, you clearly have many options available to you. You can grab a lighthearted novel, lose yourself in a true crime chronicle, or commit to a text that will be challenging, thought-provoking, and fascinating. If you are looking for a book that fits the latter criteria, you may enjoy a philosophical book. Diving into philosophy can give you an opportunity to learn more about yourself, the way the world works, and the power you have to effect changes.

Rev. Mary A. Mann PHS is an author in Los Angeles, CA who specializes in writing books inspired by philosophy and poetry. As a book author, she is highly skilled in creating texts that motivate and challenge her readers. Her specialty as a spiritual author, too, inspires readers to engage in intense introspection and philosophical thought. Her abilities to capture the attention of readers and motivate positive thought is uncanny, and you will be hard-pressed to find another philosophical author with the same talents.

She has additional talent that can be seen through her work as a poetic author. Rev. Mary A. Mann PHD has written extensively on poetic philosophy. In addition to philosophy, the subjects of her philosophy include women, life, and achieving world peace. There are few authors who have the ability to cover such a range of topics while providing insight through poetry, but Rev. Mary A. Mann is a truly talented author and philosopher. Contact her for more information on her dramatic, poetic, and philosophical texts.

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